AB test is not god


One day, my client ask me to change base font size smaller from 18px to 12px. The balance of design collapses. The smallest font became only 7px. That’s too small as Japanese font. And our target was middle age people. I also considered that. So I disagreed.

I suggested AB test. I thought they won’t complain anymore if the test gives them the result. However, the result was good for them. I’m the one who shut up.

AB test is surely fair. But I couldn’t understand the result. Is problem really about font size? Obviously the design collapsed. Google Analytics agreed though.

I think the problem was first view. The font size wasn’t problem. We could solve that by removing some useless parts.

Google Analytics doesn’t assume design. If you design all of the page based on Google Analytics, it’ll be chaos. I know even it’s fashionable, it doesn’t matter for the business. However you still need to consider the design. We are not slave of the number of click. Luxury shop shouldn’t be fast food shop where many people come and go.

The result of AB test is important, but we need to consider why it happens. If you have other design idea, you need to try it too. The best way is you can have both the number of click and design.

Maybe designer is so stressful. I’m glad that I’m programmer.