The reason why I stop using Apple Watch. Pebble is better.


iPhone is so popula in Japan, and I guess there are many people who are interested in Apple Watch. This time I write the impression that I tried using Apple Watch 2.


My first smart watch is Pebble Classic that I bought. Actually I wanted an Apple Watch, but the price was too high.

Although I used it for about half a year, I misunderstood1 that sleep tracker wasn’t working. So I bought the Pebble Classic’s next model, Pebble Time.

I kept on wearing Pebble Time every day for more than half a year. Wearing Pebble Time is not embarrassing. It looks like ordinary watch. Moreover I could boast people it in my mind.

Recently, Pebble was acquired by Fitbit, but it was a wonderful product.

Apple Watch

And in the last October I got Apple Watch 2. I helped my mother ‘s work and bought it for me. Lol

I dislike products that try to surround users like Apple products. But both the iPhone and the Mac changed my digital life a lot. If I didn’t buy a Mac I might not have been a programmer. I have most of Apple ‘s flagship product, Mac, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod.(;´Д`)オソルベシ! I gave the iPod to my girlfriend.

First Impression

Well, the first impression of Apple Watch was

Compared to Pebble the vibration is mild, also thicker. And it’s not like ordinary watch.

Apple Watch has been installed GPS from 2, but few Apps use GPS. Even the official map application can’t set a destination without an iPhone. I was dreaming of going out without smart phone.

Hard to use as a clock

Because the power consumption of the display is high, the screen turns black as soon as you don’t touch. Black display is obviously smart watch. I don’t like it. In order to display the screen again, you have to move your hand. This is annoying!

When I check the watch with lying on the bed, it doesn’t display time. It’s stupid that I can’t check time anytime even I wear watch.

Hard to control

At first glance, it is more attractive to have a touch panel than Pebble. Actually this is rather hard to use.

When exercising, it is troublesome to touch that small screen with your fingertips. Although it is waterproof, the touch panel doesn’t work properly when wet. Physical buttons are better!

Can not measure sleep

Pebble Time has sleep tracking function as standard application. Apple Watch is thick, but I can not find any such app anywhere.

It was a shame because it was the best feature I felt interesting with Pebble. I woke up, confirmed Pebble and kept track of my sleeping time properly, “Oh, good job, Pebble!” And I felt happy. It is amazing because it also detects a nap!

On the other hand, Apple Watch …


In the case of Pebble there are many choices on the watch face. You can also publish a watch face programmed by yourself.

However, Apple Watch can only select the official watch face, and the number is small.

Because the band of the clock is also original specification, it can not be attached unless it is a band made for Apple Watch. But, as for the band, there are various variations including third parties.

Many apps

Apple Watch is probably the most popular smart watch, as there are so many Apple fans. There are many application developers and users compared with other smart watches.

Overlook notification pretty much

Sometimes I’m not notified by other apps occasionally.

Unlock Mac

There is a function to automatically unlock the Mac, when Apple Watch is attached with unlocked state. It is convenient but it is loosely wrapped around Apple Watch, or if you roll from the top of long sleeves, it will be locked on your own.

  1. Open Mac
  2. Wait a few seconds
  3. “Please unlock Apple Watch” will be displayed
  4. Unlock Apple Watch
  5. Close Mac once
  6. Reopen the Mac

Is this really useful?

And because the latest Macbook Pro comes with fingerprint authentication, this feature of Apple Watch does not need it. Apple takes the content off itself.

In my case, I set up two-step authentication, so it was hard to set up authentication for Apple Watch.

And the clock I chose is …

I am currently using G-SHOCK’s Hotei2 model. It’s not a smart watch. It’s just a watch. But, it’s so cool! I’m not fan of Hotei, but I love this pattern.

Originally I do not like to wear something on my arm, watch may not be suitable for me. From now on, the watch will be used as an accessory for going out.

  1. I just used the old app 

  2. Japanese Guitarist