I came to the sea for the first time in a year since I came to Cebu


Cebu is famous for sea resort, but I have never been to the sea for more than a year since I came to Cebu. I was invited, but I didn’t go. I didn’t know how to spend in the beach all day. Maybe I am not good at doing things without goals. However since I went there, I changed my mind somehow. It’s nice sometimes.

Departure at 1:30 in the midnight. It’s called Holly Week, Christian consecutive holidays. I don’t recommend going out this time, because there are many people returning hometown.

It took about 3 hours since I got on the bus, I arrived at the place called Badian.

Then I took the tricycle (motorcycle taxi) and arrived at the beach in ten minutes. I could not get in the picture, but I saw goats and cows on the way.

They sells coconuts in the beach. When I bought that, they cut it and put straw. I felt like I was in tropical country so much. When you finish drinking you can receive a spoon and eat inside. It’s too much for one person, so better to share with someone.

In the Philippines, the popular float ring in Japan is not popular, I have never seen it. It seems that this type of thing is common here. But this is hard to use.

At the moment I floated on the sea as the Japanese float ring, it’s flown away immediately. I chased desperately, but I couldn’t catch up. One nice guy jumped into the sea and picked up brilliantly with crawl of beautiful form. Well, seriously saved. I was impatient! I was uncool…

We did BBQ and drunk tequila and beer. I got totally drunk and don’t remember so much. Pilipino doesn’t get drunk easily, I’m always only one who is drunk.

And we started drinking with the Korean who is the owner of the cottage, “Koreans were using drones. that’s amazing, are drones popular in Korea?” I remember saying something like that.

According to the story I heard, we started talking about history both Japan and Korea. And I became intense so they stopped me. I wonder why it’s started, I wasn’t plan to talk about history… I wanted to talk about it when I was sober.

My friends often kidding me and scare me. When they said that they are sleeping on a sandy beach today, “They are joking again.” I thought, but we slept on the beach with mat.

When I woke up in the morning, I was bleeding from my head. Somebody hit me?? It’s not good to drink too much.

However I can’t know if I’m drunk when I’m drunk. So I really want alcohol measure (HB-A01).