How to study programming effectively continuously


Actually, I would like to release the web service in this year. I started from the end of last year. I thought it would end in a half year but totally not. Hmm, it happens.

Recently I use most of the time to do that since I woke up until I get to sleep. I am enthusiastic, even by myself, incredibly. I don’t work well lol.\(^o^)/ヤバーッ

I wondered why I can be enthusiastic, then I made a conclusion. That is because “I make something I want to use”. Also, you can find bug easily, and you can understand user’s mind. Then you can find how to improve naturally. When it comes to work, maybe you use AB test to improve. That’s also important, but if it’s not business, do what you like. It’s gonna be unique.

The subject called programming

In programming, I don’t study like solving problems with notes and pens. Just implement what you made and improve it.

It is a very special subject, I think that this is similar to the game. No one take notes on the key points of the strategy book. Anyway, once you get the information, try it. By the way, when I played a game called Mine Craft, I did it from morning till evening. Then it got forbidden by my girlfriend lol.

Programming is only a means of achieving the purpose. Studying programming without a purpose doesn’t last long. Well then, it is as boring as school study.

If you are studying programming, you need to know actively, not passive. The problem always occurs somewhere while making the program. Find out how to solve the problem. This is how.

Unless you make what you can implement, you’ll get confused and bored. So, qualifications are not much emphasized among programmers. What you did is more important than that.

Chose a Language

When choosing a language, choose what you need. How much fashionable doesn’t matter.

This is how you chose.

When you are having hard time

Anyway, just search on Google!

If you can’t find a solution, try to search similar projects on GitHub.

Finally, ask a question on Stack Overflow.

Usually, searching in English is the best way.