Traveled to Hong Kong from Philippines and made a proposal Part1(From preparation to departure)

I’ll share the experiences that I’ve traveled to Hong Kong with my girlfriend and proposed to her.
It is very very long, but there are helpful information in some places.
This is part1 – from preparation to departure.

Why I have been to Hong Kong

I’ve stayed in a Philippines for 16 months with travel visa.
My friend told me extending becomes more difficult from 17 months.
His advice was going abroad once and reset the visa.
So I decided to go to Hong Kong with my girlfriend.
Then we can sightsee too.

The reason why I decided going to Hong Kong is it’s cheap and my girlfriend likes kungfu.
Actually, extending more than 17 months may not so difficult.
If you just wanna extend, extending might be easier.

I was planning to propose to her last month.
But I changed my plan into proposing to her in Hong Kong.
Then I can tell her that I don’t give up even if I fail to enter Philippines.
Whatever happens, if I challenge everything, we can be together.

However, I should have done it earlier.
I have been thinking of marriage for a long time…

Purchasing an engagement ring

I even didn’t know the difference between engagement ring and wedding ring.
What’s gonna happen after marriage?
I just wanna be together with her in my life.

I got to know engagement ring is for the ring finger.
Oh it’s obvious in English!
Luckily, she sometimes go out with a ring on her ring finger.
I measured the size with paper and string when she was not at home.
I lied to her: “I have toothache, I’ll go to dentist.”, and went to a jewelry shop in a hurry.

You need to know the size depends on standard.
There are some standards: Japanese standard, US standard…etc.
Even it’s called size 8, actual size depends on each standard.
According to the shop clerk, they follow US size.

Forgot to acquire ECC and got offloaded

The departure time of the plane was around 6 o’clock early in the morning, so I left home 2:45.
In order to enter the Philippines, you need a ticket to go out from the Philippines.
So I prepared tickets below.

  1. Philippines → Hong Kong
  2. Hong Kong → Philippines
  3. Philippines → Japan

The third ticket is not actually used as I just wrote before.

Because she is a Filipina, I thought she might severely be judged.
However, who got offloaded was me.

The immigration inspector showed one paper, and said “You can not go out without this paper”.
It was ECC (Exit Clearance Certification).
You need it if you have been staying in Philippines more than 6 months.
I didn’t know that.
When I extended visa, immigration officer stamped with a statement like that in my passport.
It seems many people got offloaded because of this.

I thought it was at home.
So we went back home to get it.
Because taxi driver heard our situation drove so fast, I was scared and felt vomiting.

It took almost 1 hour.
We came back to the immigration office.
However, I got offloaded again.
The paper was different.

What the fuck!

We did a refund procedure.
And we went back home with disappointment.
It was already bright outside.

Acquire ECC and go to airport again

I applied for a tour, but I couldn’t make it on time.
I wasted a day of hotel reservation.
Even if I go, there’s not much time to sightseeing.
I gave up the trip seriously at one time.

We planned the trip together, it’s also waste if I throw the other tickets.
It was a trip of 3 days, but I changed it into 2 days trip and we decided to try again.

I bought tickets from the next morning online, went to the immigration office and got ECC.

Because we had not slept since the previous day, we were exhausted.
So we decided to sleep for awhile.

Finally we were allowed to breathe, and she burst into tears.
She was worried that I can not come back to Philippines.
Because we got offloaded twice a day, we were nervous.
There is a person who cry for me.
My tears also fell.

“Stop traveling, will you marry me from now?”
Even such a word caught my mouth.
But it doesn’t make it.
It takes a month to get married.
I only could stay in the Philippines for the next few weeks.

It’s difficult to realize love in everyday life.
Because love is like a part of your life.
When my tears fell, I felt loving her from my heart.
Love became emotional, not only logical.
I swore to my heart to make a proposal after we arrive Hong Kong.


When it comes to departure time, we didn’t feel anxiety anymore.
We were just tired.
Time went by quietly, we started preparing.

We already grasped the procedure, so did smoothly.
In the middle, some stuffs in the airport cheered us up.
They saw us going back in the previous day.

Finally we arrived to immigration part again.
After we just joined in a line, my turn came.
Unfortunately, the inspector was strict to my girlfriend in the previous day.

Inspector “Why are you staying in the Philippines?”
Me “It’s sightseeing.”
Inspector ‘For business?’
Me “No.”
Inspector “Do you have a girlfriend?”
Me “Yes.”
Inspector “Are you planning to come back to the Philippines again?”
Me “Yes.”
Inspector “Then, please show me your departure ticket.”

I gave her a ticket: to Hong Kong from Philippines.

Inspector “This is not it.”
Me “Where are you talking about the tickets to go?”
Inspector “Wherever.”

I gave her a ticket: to Japan from Philippines.

Inspector “Next!”

It was like this.
“Whoa! Finally, we can go!”
However my girlfriend was being asked many questions.
She was the longest around us.
While I seeing it, the inspector called me.
I went there.

“Assure she’s gonna come back with you tomorrow. If not, you are gonna be on the blacklist together. Is it okay?”
The inspector told me.

Her mother has overstayed before.
Off course I said yes, we could finally pass.

It was the first flight for her.
Thinking about coming back, we were still nervous.
But I was like daydreaming; I can bring her abroad.
She had never been to other country.

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