Reason why you should not buy a battery case of a smartphone seriously


Recently, my iPhone’s cover has broken, so I decided to renew. The cover I used before is this…

It’s a cover has stand as you know, but it wasn’t tough. I like the design though. There is a kind of people don’t put cover to their smart phone. But I strongly recommend to put cover. I have broken old iPhone after taking it off within a week. When I choose things, I place importance on functionality. And second is how childish and cool the design is, like black, white and light green.

The case I chose

Now I’m in Philippines, and I’m afraid to use online shopping. So I usually go to shopping mall. This is what I bought there. This case is from America.

What the fuck! The iPhone’s beautiful form became so cheap. Oh it’s useful, nobody try to steel it. lol Anyway, I can not stop regretting… This is maybe nice as battery case, but I have complaint about battery case.


Apple tried to make iPhone smaller and smaller with high technique and effort and kept battery lasting as long as possible. (Recently it became bigger and bigger though.) Smart battery case ruins those efforts and solves it cheaply. It’s a kind of like listening music with using wireless earphone while connecting adapter. And off course, uncool!


If you hit iPhone with this adapted, you can easily kill them. It is no longer a weapon. If you use smart phone on the bed, don’t fall it. You might break your nose. Also it shakes in my pocket uncomfortably while I’m walking.

Replaces speaker

If you join Japanese conference, you might hear shutter noise from everywhere. Taking a picture secretly became a problem, Japanese-made smartphones were regulated so that the shutter sound could not be muted. But everyone can get mute camera freely from AppStore. It causes chaos but doesn’t make sense totally. No criminal is having hard time, only normal people. It’s ridiculous that I need to download the App to mute camera. So I just put a finger on the speaker when I take a picture. However, I can’t do that after I started to use it. Because the speaker is replaced to the front from the side. I think it also ruins quality of sound. Now I just take a picture with noisy sound. Embarrassing!

Can not connect headphone

The bottom of battery case around speaker is thick. So it makes audo jack deep. If you have headphone has straight adapter, it’s okay. But if you only have headphone has L-shaped adapter, it can’t reach to the plug.

The capacity of battery is not important

If you think carefully, you will notice. Even you have huge battery, how fast it charges is same. Are you really facing the case you fully charge in the morning and come back with empty battery? If that so, it solves your problem. The battery lasts for 2 or 3days, but I charge it everyday. Who wants to charge 3times a week, instead of everyday? Is that worth it?

Let’s buy power bank instead!

Is there someone wants this still? Then buy it! I use this power bank for 2years, it works well. I recommend it instead.


I did bitter comment, but it’s sometimes useful. You might forget bringing power bank. But if you are using this, no need to worry about that. Sometimes I’m saved when I forgot to charge iPhone at home. It must be the worst gadget within few years though. I’m wondering if I buy new case…