Task based on quantity or time

Task management depends on how to measure.
There are two way to measure your task.
Quantity or time.

If you don’t think carefully, your todo app became messy and you’ll get annoyed.
It helps you to escape from your task.

Task based on quantity

Many people misunderstand that you need to decide the time to start your task.
However you can estimate the time to start through the time to end and how much it is difficult.
No need to decide strictly.
If you have gone over the time to start, you will lose your motivation.
That’s worse!

Task based on time

Task that has start time and end time

This is basically a schedule.
Nobody forgets the schedule if you receive the notification before that.
That’s enough.

No need to remind schedule again and again.
You just need to receive the notification when you need.
Separate from other tasks.
If it has end time too, you can simply put that into calendar.

Task that has elapsed time

It is the task like studying for 3 hours a day.
The elapsed time is worth considering to measure a task.
However don’t do too much.

I tried to record everything I do, I recognized that’s ridiculous.
It’s technically too difficult right now.

So I only automatically record where I go and how long I sleep.
I use iPhone ‘s default timer app’ s bedtime function.
For recording the place I use the app called “SilentLog”.

Task for someday

If you don’t have way to record ideas when you come up, I recommend TODO App for that.
However it’s annoying if it appears with other important tasks.
So put it into the place you don’t see usually.

Maybe you will forget that, but that’s fine.
It means you don’t need that idea now.

You’ll be relieved if you can record your idea, because you didn’t lose it.
Also when you see it again accidentally, you may find something again.
Sometimes you may feel it’s like garbage, but sometimes you may feel you can develop.
If it’s latter and you feel excited, it’s the time to do that!

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